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Build Confidence In Your Golf Game

Get excellent golf training today. An exclusive, membership-based instruction studio, housed in a world class athletic club and using state-of-the-art indoor golf technology designed for personalized instruction, practice, and play.

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Honoring Tradition – Embracing Innovation

InClubGolf offers an abundance of benefits to golfers of all ability levels, regardless of age, gender, or goals. We are committed to helping you enjoy playing what Arnold Palmer called "the greatest game mankind has ever invented".

Indoor golf instruction


Unlimited reserved, personalized in-studio instruction by your InClubGolf coach using the best technology available. 
Indoor golf simulator turned on to the green


TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) fitness assessments, coaching & personal training referrals for optimal performance.
Golfer practicing on indoor golf simulator


Unlimited, reserved, in-studio practice with TrackMan 4 launch monitor feedback and automatic video replay on every swing.
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Meet other golfers during both in-studio and on-course play, including playing lessons with your InClubGolf coach.

Low Pressure Environment

Golf is supposed to be relaxing, but it can become frustrating in the wrong environment.

Newcomers often find themselves grappling with the anxiety of teeing off in front of a crowd of onlookers. Plus, contending with outdoor factors like bad weather or racing against the setting sun can make the experience less than enjoyable. We're here to change that.

InClubGolf's golf training program uses Trackman technology with professional golf instructors in a safe, controlled indoor golf environment to develop your skills. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned player, InClubGolf will help you perfect your game with every swing.

Beginner golfer getting instruction at indoor golf facility
InClubGolf in Lake Nona instructor teaching student about swinging

Unlimited Lessons & Practice

Stop paying for overpriced, hourly golf lessons and take advantage of a better way to learn and practice the game. Our membership model offers personalized indoor golf instruction by highly qualified golf professionals tailored to your unique abilities.

Supported by skilled golf professionals, Trackman launch monitor feedback and automatic video replay, members gain precise insights for areas of improvement to ensure a highly effective practice and lesson experience.

With our secure credential access system, you'll enjoy 114 hours of weekly availability to book studio lessons, practice, or play sessions, always accompanied by access to our advanced technology.

Vibrant Learning Community

Golf is a social sport, and that's why we foster an open learning environment to promote learning new skills in an atmosphere of friendship and community. 

With lessons available in the studio or on the course, you can put your swing to the test with a group that will support you every step of the way.

Golfers on the green from InClubGolf

Why InClubGolf?

Shorter, More Frequent Lessons

Break down lessons into shorter, more frequent sessions, allowing you to practice and focus on areas of improvement to consistently lead to a more effective learning experience.

All-Inclusive Membership

Stop paying by the hour and get unlimited instruction & play in the studio and on the course alongside your own personal golf coach with our affordable yet high-value membership.

Expert Instructors

Quit splurging on lessons from "over-priced" golf instructors and save your money by opting for experienced golf coaches who craft a personalized lesson plan for you.

State of The Art Technology

Get access to all of our tools and immediate feedback on every swing from the renowned Trackman performance studio that you can use independently or with a professional golf coach.

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A membership based golf club providing golfers of all abilities an indoor, year-round state of the art studio with full impact screen simulation powered by Trackman.

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