InClubGolf offers proprietary benefits to golfers of all ability levels, regardless of age, gender or goals. We are committed to helping you enjoy playing “the greatest game mankind has ever invented” as described by Arnold Palmer. Contact us to learn more about memberships, benefits, the facilities, or our locations.



  • Newtown Athletic Club – Newtown, PA

  • Lake Nona Performance Club – Lake Nona, FL


Unlimited, personalized in-studio instruction by your InClubGolf professional using the best technology available.


TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) fitness assessments, coaching & personal training referrals for optimal performance.


In-studio practice with Trackman 4 simulation technology, and unlimited access both independently & with scheduled lessons. 


Meet other golfers during on-course play, including playing lessons with your InClubGolf professional.



  • Address: 120 Pheasant Run, Newtown, PA 18940

  • Phone: (717) 799-4466

  • Email:

  • Monday - Friday: 5:00a – 11:00p

  • Saturday - Sunday: 6:00a –9:00p




InClubGolf offers proprietary benefits to golfers of all ability levels, regardless of age, gender or goals. We are committed to helping you enjoy playing "the greatest game mankind has ever invented" as described by Arnold Palmer. 


Our philosophy is that we believe that a personalized master training plan with shorter, more frequent lessons interspersed with informed practice is a more effective learning experience than the by-the-clock model of golf instruction. InClubGolf is a member-centric program offering customized golf training with fully automated, state-of-the-art technology available both independently and under the personalized guidance of a highly qualified PGA Professional.


Learn, Train, Practice, Play. All InClubGolf members will experience qualified guidance in these four areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What does membership at InClubGolf include?

An InClubGolf Membership includes the following:

  • Scan access to 3 at LNPC and 2 at NAC reservable practice areas anytime the fitness club is open, either on a walk-up basis if available, or reservable online
  • Golf lessons with the instructor, reservable online
  • A personalized training plan to help achieve your golf goals
  • Unsupervised use of Trackman 4, putting area, and all training aids while in the studio
  • Organized outings on the golf course to play with the instructor and fellow members (greens fees apply)
  • Access to the InClubGolf eClub for retaining a GHIN handicap (additional fees apply)
  • Access to InClubGolf tournaments and events

How do I sign up for a membership to InClubGolf?

  • PA location inside Newtown Athletic Club
    • Click here and then select "Schedule a Free Lesson".
  • FL location inside Lake Nona Performance Club
    • Click here and schedule either a first time meeting or a follow up call with LNPC.
  • You can also simply email with any interest or questions

Do I have to be a member of Newtown Athletic Club or Lake Nona Performance Club in order to join InClubGolf?

You do not have to be a member of the NAC or LNPC in order to join InClubGolf. There are membership categories for those who do not currently have a membership to the fitness club. Higher dues and initiation fees apply to non-fitness club InClubGolf members.

What happens after I sign up for InClubGolf?

New members will be contacted via email or phone to schedule their 60 minute swing assessment and facility training session. During this initial session, the instructor will:

  • Discuss the golf goals you shared during membership sign-up
  • Set up your account on the InClubGolf Scheduler application and explain how to use it
  • Introduce the studio equipment and how to use it
  • Provide your Arccos club sensors and explain how to use them on the course (if applicable)
  • Have a short lesson to understand your current golf abilities
  • Develop a plan for next steps, including your next lesson time and suggestions for practice needed

What happens after my initial membership commitment is over?

After your initial membership commitment is completed, your account will be converted to month-to-month billing. You will not see any change in your billing, but you may cancel anytime after your initial commitment has ended.

If I want to cancel my membership, what do I need to do and when do I need to cancel to avoid paying for the following month?

Memberships are charged on the 1st of the month, and must be canceled 10 days before that date in order to avoid charges for the next month. Memberships can be canceled by speaking with the instructor, sending an email to, or by visiting the membership desk at your host club.

I am a beginner golfer. How can InClubGolf benefit me?

Learning golf on your own can be an overwhelming and intimidating process. At InClubGolf, you can learn the game off the course first in a low pressure indoor environment, as part of a well-defined, personally customized program to build confidence in your ball striking skills. Your InClubGolf professional will tailor a program that suits your unique athletic capabilities. This may result in an approach to swing training that starts from the green and works its way back to the tee. This process begins with the putting stroke and moves on to the more challenging work of chipping, pitching and full swing mechanics. We understand that there are many ways to learn and will work diligently to find what is best for you.

I want my child to play college golf. How can InClubGolf help them reach that goal?

Similar to a newborn matching benchmarks as they grow, we will track the progress and growth of your child’s game both on and off the course to make sure they are hitting certain benchmarks that increase their chances of playing competitive golf at the college level. Our dashboards and tools even allow you and your child to see this progress as it is occurring!

At the Studio

How does every member experience unlimited lessons, practice, and play?

Just like FastPass at theme parks, members are given a specific number of 20 minute practice slots, 40 minute lesson+practice slots, and 60 minute play slots that they can book in advance. Once a reservation is complete, an additional new slot will become available for them to book.

How far in advance can I schedule lesson, practice, or play time slots?

Practice or Play slots can be booked as far out in advance as you like. For Lesson slots, the instructor will post their availability on the scheduler application approx. 3 weeks in advance. Once their availability is posted, lessons are booked on a first come, first-served basis

How are highly demanded time slots distributed equally among members?

If demand increases for high value time slots above a certain threshold, members will be limited to a fixed number of lessons that can be booked during those busiest times.

Why are lessons and practice sessions limited to 20 minute blocks?

20 minutes allows enough time for your instructor to assess your swing, make a change, and suggest some drills. Most lessons will be booked side by side with a 20 minute practice session after your 20 minute lesson, totaling 40 minutes. This allows for the instructor to help you reinforce the drills he has given you while also beginning to work with the next lesson after you, if there is one.

How can I play a round of golf on the Trackman 4?

Trackman 4 Virtual Golf includes access to 16 golf courses that can be played as if you were outside on the course. Because it takes longer to play 9 or 18 holes than a typical indoor practice session, InClubGolf will soon be testing special Play slots. Some notes about Play slots: • Play slots are 60 minutes each and members have 2 slots to reserve at any given time • Play slots can be used during off-peak hours anytime • During peak hours, Play slots become reservable 24 hours before the peak time slot

How long does it take to play 18 holes of golf on a simulator?

A full round of golf for 2 people in one simulator bay takes about 2 hours.

I already have an instructor. What can I use InClubGolf for?

Your membership at InClubGolf does not require you to take lessons from our pro. You can still book time to practice, train, or play in our indoor learning areas and use the Trackman 4, K-Vest, BodiTrak, and other top tier training tools. Additionally, you can take advantage of the many playing opportunities with the pro and your fellow members at area golf courses.