How to Clean Golf Clubs the Right Way

When was the last time you cleaned your golf clubs?

If you can’t remember, then chances are it’s time for a scrub. Luckily, cleaning your clubs is quick, easy, and doesn’t require lots of supplies.

And the best part?

Clean clubs may even improve your performance!

In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to clean golf clubs and grips the right way.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Why You Should Clean Your Golf Clubs

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of club cleaning (literally), let’s talk about a few of the reasons why you should regularly clean your clubs.

For starters, regular cleaning can prolong your club’s lifespan.

Every golfer knows that clubs can get pricey. But cleaning helps prevent your club from showing signs of premature aging, and need to be replaced too early.

Another reason why you should clean your golf clubs?

It can improve your performance!

Think about it: When you remove all the dirt from the grooves, you’re removing any obstructions between the club and the ball.

Older man knows How to clean golf clubs

Still don’t believe us?

Club grooves are a lot like tread on a tire.

When they’re new and clean, they help you gain traction.

Besides gaining traction, cleaning the head and grip of your club is hygienic. Just think about the stuff accumulating in there: dirt, sunscreen, dried ketchup…

Now, let’s take a look at how exactly you can clean your golf clubs.

How to Clean Golf Clubs

What type of golf clubs do you have?

Irons? Fairway wood? Hybrid?

All of the above?

When it comes to cleaning your golf clubs correctly, you need to consider the material of the club you’ll be cleaning.

You don’t clean your car windows the same way you clean your rims, right?

With golf clubs, you never want to clean your irons the same way you’d clean your woods or putters.

To make sure you know how to clean ALL the clubs in your arsenal, we’re going to break down the cleaning process by club type.

But first, let’s start gathering our cleaning supplies.

Cleaning Supplies:

Many of the supplies you need for cleaning are inexpensive–and you should already have them lying around your home.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. 1 clean bucket or sink
  2. Lukewarm water
  3. Dish soap
  4. 1 soft disbrush
  5. 1 groove cleaner/scrubber
  6. 1 clean, dry towel

To make sure no damage occurs while you clean, make sure that you only use new and clean brushes and towels.

Whatever you do, DON’T place them on the ground. It only takes one small rock to get stuck in the bristle and scratch your club.

Cleaning Irons

First up: irons.

How to clean golf clubs, specifically your irons

To clean your irons, follow this easy 6 step process:

  1. Fill your bucket or sink full of lukewarm water and dish soap. Mix the water until it’s soapy.
  2. Place the head of the club side into the water. Let sit for 10 minutes
  3. Remove irons after 10 minutes. Dirt and grime should be loosened now. Dunk the soft dish brush into the soapy water, and us it to gently wipe away dirt from the side, grooves, back, and shaft.
  4. Next, use the groove cleaner to lightly clean out the grooves. Apply medium pressure.
  5. Once all the dirt is gone, rinse off any remaining soap.
  6. With your clean towel, wipe your club until it’s completely dry. NEVER leave your clubs wet! This can cause rust to form on them.

Pro Tip: Always wash your clubs at room temperature. If it’s too cold out, then water may freeze and damage your clubs.

Cleaning Woods and Putters

Now, let’s go over how to clean woods and putters.

Oftentimes these clubs are drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids, and require a gentler clean than irons.

How to clean golf clubs putters

Here are the complete steps for cleaning woods and putters:

  1. Fill your bucket or sink full of lukewarm water and dish soap. Mix the water until it’s soapy.
  2. Dip your club in the water. DON’T let it soak.
  3. Using your soft sponge, start removing any dirt and grime on the club. Be gentle, and apply moderate pressure.
  4. Wipe dry.

Pro Tip: Woods and putters have more nooks and crannies for dirt to hide. You can use a tea peg to gently remove any dirt from hard-to-reach areas if needed.

How to Clean Golf Club Grips

If you’re going to clean your golf clubs, then you might as well clean your club’s grips at the same time.

Good news! Cleaning golf grips isn’t that different than cleaning golf clubs.

In fact, you can use the exact same supplies! But if you want to revive a very old grip, then you’ll need one more supply: a sheet of sandpaper.

Man holding the golf grip, an important part of How to clean golf clubs

Here are the steps you can take to clean golf club grips:

  1. Dip your grips in lukewarm soapy water.
  2. Using your dish brush, gently scrub out the mud, sunscreen, and other grime caked in the grip until it’s gone.
  3. If your grip has excess rubber and doesn’t have much ‘grip’ anymore, you can restore some. Take a sheet of sandpaper and very carefully rub the sandpaper across the grip until excess rubber is gone. You can do this once every two months if needed.

BONUS: How to Clean Golf Balls

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can also clean your golf balls at the same time as your clubs. Just like with the irons, soak your golf balls in the soapy water for a few minutes.

After a few minutes, take them out and start scrubbing. No need to apply too much pressure; the soapy water should have already loosened most of the door.

Dry with a clean towel. There you have it; Clean golf balls!

Basket of golf balls with a club in front

The Secret to Keeping Your Clubs Clean

In a perfect world, your golf clubs would always be clean. Just like your kitchen would always be clean, your car would always be clean…

You get the idea.

The secret to keeping your clubs clean is to always bring a towel with you when you golf.

Yes, it’s that simple!

Just keep one end of the towel damp with water, and the other side dry. After every swing, take out that towel and wipe it clean with the damp side, and then dry it off.

However, it’s still important to do a deep clean every now and then.

How Frequently Do You Need to Clean Your Golf Clubs?

As a good rule of thumb, you should still deep clean your golf clubs at least once a month following the instructions we explained earlier.

Keep in mind, more extreme conditions such as mud from a rainy day means you’ll need to still deep clean your clubs right away.

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