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Golf Lessons & Training in Lake Nona, FL

Seeking a non-judgmental environment to embark on your golfing journey in the Orlando area? InClubGolf at Lake Nona extends a warm invitation to players of all skill levels, offering a comfortable setting to enhance their golf experience through one-on-one lessons with a PGA professional.

As a membership-based club, InClubGolf provides golfers with access to an indoor, year-round facility, a dedicated PGA professional coach, and personalized learning programs tailored to individual goals.

Here, members can immerse themselves in a holistic golfing experience, encompassing learning, training, practice, and play, all within the supportive confines of their own athletic club environment.


Unlimited reserved, personalized in-studio instruction by your InClubGolf coach using the best technology available.


Titleist Performance Institute fitness assessments, coaching & personal training referrals for optimal performance.


Unlimited, reserved, in-studio practice with TrackMan 4 launch monitor feedback on every swing.


Meet other golfers during both in-studio and on-course play, including playing lessons with your InClubGolf coach.

Cutting-Edge Golf Training Sessions For Improved Learning

The studio features two fully equipped golf hitting bays, each boasting an automatic ball retrieval and teeing system, along with a Trackman 4 launch monitor and a large screen display for detailed analysis. With a two-way video recording and playback feature, you can analyze every single swing. Additionally, there is a reservable putting studio available for members.

We also offer a comprehensive selection of swing aids to assist with your practice sessions. Whether you prefer to bring your own clubs or utilize our studio clubs, we ensure you have everything you need to elevate your game.

golf training near me at LNPC in Lake Nona
Rob, our coach, available for golf training near me

Meaningful Golf Classes For Improved Learning

You can conveniently reserve session slots in advance using our online booking system, tailored to fit your schedule. Whether it's for lessons or practice sessions, you'll be able to see instructor availability as well as who else is signed up.

At the InClubGolf Studio, both learning and practice sessions are scheduled in 20-minute slots, and up to a maximum of 3 active bookings of each are permitted at a time. This philosophy of short, more frequent practices ensures a more effective learning experience compared to traditional pay-by-the-clock models of golf instruction.

Golf Training Partnering with Lake Nona Performance Club

InClubGolf operates as a membership-based studio in one of the best athletic clubs in America, offering exclusive discounts to members of the Lake Nona Performance Club. Membership opportunities are accessible throughout the year and are overseen by a dedicated full-time PGA Golf Professional.

Our Lake Nona InClubGolf studio features a secure credential access system, ensuring a safe and controlled environment for our members. It remains open for practice exclusively to InClubGolf members during all operating hours of the Lake Nona Performance Club, totaling approximately 115 hours per week.

Studio Hours

Monday - Friday: 5:00a – 11:00p
Saturday - Sunday: 6:00a – 9:00p
Lake Nona Performance Center offering golf training near me

Membership Pricing

A membership based golf club providing golfers of all abilities an indoor, year-round state of the art studio with full impact screen simulation powered by Trackman.

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