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Our Golf Coaches & History

InClubGolf was founded by golf lovers, for golf lovers.

This endeavor sprouted from a shared passion amongst our founders back in 2011. Fueled by their love for the game and a vision to revolutionize the experience of learning and practicing golf, they embarked on a journey to bring their dream to life.

After working hard to develop their dream into a reality, we opened our doors in 2015 as an indoor golf club inside of the Newtown Athletic Club. Since then, InClubGolf has evolved into a haven for golf aficionados, offering not just a place to practice and play, but a vibrant community where friendships are forged and memories are made.

InClubGolf Pros and students representing the club at a golfing event
Person using what shes learned at InClubGolf to get into a better starting position

Our Mission

At InClubGolf, our mission is to cultivate and maintain a vibrant community of golfers united by a passion for lifelong enjoyment of the game.

More than just a swing school, we prioritize building social connections and fostering a love for golf that extends far beyond the lesson tee. Our goal is to ensure that every golfer experiences the joy of the game at the level of performance they aspire to.

Our Golf Coaching Philosophy

We believe that a membership-based, personalized master training plan with shorter, more frequent lessons interspersed with informed practice is a more effective learning experience than the old-school pay-by-the-clock model of golf instruction.

New student taking their first class at InClubGolf

Hear From Our Happy Golfers

"Every time I run into a member at inclub (new or long time), they always have such great things to say about how much things have improved and how great the studio looks and operates.

From the general functionality of the ball feeds/bays, through the more advanced camera setups and great instruction you offer - the place has never been better."

Jon Beam

"Working with Coach Rob has been amazing. I started from scratch at 40 years old, less than a year ago, and he has made the learning experience very enjoyable. He is very patient and has a natural teaching vocation. His instruction has been extremely important, but even more important I consider him a friend now! I highly recommend Rob and inClub. "

German Posada

"Frank Giovinazzo is by far the best instructor in InClub’s history. Solves student’s immediate issues. Moreover, designs several month improvement plan. 

He has analyzed my swing flaws adeptly. Provided effective instructions to correct flaws. Frank fully utilizes Trackman analysis, graphics, and video replay."

John Martinson

"My 14 year old son had never swung a golf club until his first lesson with Coach Rob at InClub Golf about 2 1/2 years ago. Today my son consistently hits straight shots, loves the game, and will be trying out for his high school team next year.

More importantly, my son loves the lessons with Coach Rob. Not only is Rob an effective coach, he genuinely cares about each kid and you can see it in his interactions with them."

Brett & Zachary Greenberg

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A membership based golf club providing golfers of all abilities an indoor, year-round state of the art studio with full impact screen simulation powered by Trackman.

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