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Enjoy Unlimited Virtual Golf Training & Simplified, Affordable Pricing

Our all-inclusive virtual golf training & coaching experience provides comprehensive support for every aspect of your golf game. With membership, you gain unlimited access to personalized lessons, ample practice opportunities, and full utilization of our cutting-edge tools and equipment. 

Whether you're fine-tuning your swing mechanics, refining your putting technique, or just looking to have some fun, our resources are at your disposal to help you reach your full potential on the course. Join us and experience the ease and enjoyment of golfing while building your skills to new heights.


Unlimited reserved, personalized in-studio instruction by your InClubGolf coach using the best technology available.


Titleist Performance Institute fitness assessments, coaching & personal training referrals for optimal performance.


Unlimited, reserved, in-studio practice with TrackMan 4 launch monitor feedback on every swing.


Meet other golfers during both in-studio and on-course play, including playing lessons with your InClubGolf coach.

LEARN From Expert Coaches

Receive a comprehensive personalized virtual gold training lesson, practice, and training plan created by your dedicated golf coach.

Explore club selection, shot selection, situational strategies, rules, etiquette, pace of play, etc so you can play like a pro. 

With unlimited shorter, more frequent lessons interspersed with informed practice sessions, you can learn more effectively without worrying about paying by the hour.

In season and weather permitting, our golf coaches arrange a variety of member-on-course playing opportunities. This is an invaluable part of the learning process. Members get the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the studio on the course to gain a greater understanding of club selection, situational strategies, rules, and more.

Child learning from a pro at an indoor golf facility on virtual golf training simulator
Training on club mangement at indoor golf facility with virtual golf training

TRAIN Whenever You Want

We believe golfers are at their best when they have a healthy and fit body. Because strength, power, speed, and range of motion are unique to each person, the most efficient and repeatable swing is not the same for every golfer.

Our training process begins with a comprehensive assessment, evaluating swing mechanics, biomechanics, physical fitness, strength, range of motion, and health history. This data guides our TPI-certified golf coach in crafting a customized improvement plan.

Your golf coach will work with your personal trainer to ensure your fitness training program is tailored for optimal results. Your plan may include fitness training, physical therapy, swing mechanics, nutrition, mental strategy, or a combination of the above. 

PRACTICE With Cutting-Edge Technology

With your membership, enjoy unrestricted access to our comprehensive range of equipment designed to enhance your practice and skill development:

  • TrackMan 4 - Gold standard for PGA Tour players to track their swing data and ball flight
  • Automatic Tee System - Spend more time practicing and less time picking up balls
  • BODITRAK - Utilize pressure mat technology to refine lower body weight distribution and movement.
  • Arccos - Track on-course performance with ShotLink-quality analytics and receive personalized feedback from your coach.
  • Putting - Access cutting-edge tools and stroke analysis technology to refine your putting technique.
  • Smart Start Golf - Tailored for beginners, this resource provides essential support for those new to the game.
Man hitting a golf ball at a indoor golf facility during virtual golf training

Why Golfers Love InClubGolf

Our focus is on simplifying the golfing experience for our members, ensuring they have fun while honing their skills.
  • Welcoming Environment For All
  • Open 114 Hours Per Week
  • Discounted Rates For Host Club Members
  • Extensive Automated Golf Technology
InClubGolf's Indoor Golf facility at Lake Nona, FL

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A membership based golf club providing golfers of all abilities an indoor, year-round state of the art studio with full impact screen simulation powered by Trackman.

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